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NCL Jewel Suite 14,000 - North to Alaska!

IMG 0289

This last week my family and I were fortunate enough to be able to travel on the fabulous NCL Jewel to Alaska. Traveling along the inside passage, we visited Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway, along with a short jaunt up the Tracey Arm fjord to Sawyer Glacier. Without a doubt, the most amazing part was the fjord, combined with the fact that we were in the amazing three bedroom suite. The views were incredible and the weather was completely cooperative, providing sunny port days and refraining from raining except in the early mornings.

If you ever have an opportunity to tack this particular itinerary, I highly recommend it. - Plus the great room we had, made it a trip of a lifetime.  Here are a few shots:



Leaving Seattle

IMG 0436

Suite 14,000

IMG 0437

The Bar

IMG 0448

The tub and courtyard

IMG 0446

Breakfast nook

IMG 0443

Master Bedroom

IMG 0475


IMG 0479

View from Master

IMG 0476


IMG 0445

Private Verandah

IMG 0287

With a hammock!

IMG 0480

Bedroom 2

IMG 0481

Bedroom 3

IMG 0597

View from Suite


Sawyer Glacier


whale swimming by


More Wildlife

IMG 0270


IMG 0306

Getting ready to zip line

IMG 0304

Forrest canopy

IMG 0329

The Boat…. The boat, the boat the BOAT!

IMG 0341

The old red light district

IMG 0348 2

Downtown juneau

IMG 0350

The tram

IMG 0373

Iceberg - dead ahead.

IMG 0388 2

Sawyer Glacier

IMG 0387

Tracey Arm Fjord

IMG 0411

Glacier run off

IMG 0458 2

In Skagway

IMG 0566

The Choo Choo

IMG 0483 2

The obligatory towel monkey

IMG 0493

Sunset over Alaska

IMG 0497

In Victoria BC

IMG 0650

My next office appointment

IMG 2343

more amazing scenery

IMG 0338

bye bye!

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