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Personal Data Lockers, the Semantic Web and Digital Exhaust. (Tangent of the week) - If you have a few minutes…. 


Personal Data Lockers and the Semantic Web.

Today I was wandering amlessly about the inter webs and discovered something very cool and amazing. It was akin to the very first time I ever saw Google Earth. I knew technology was at a milestone, and our lives were about to change for the better. - Now, five years later, everyone has a smart phone, and communicates ubiquitously.  Between Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Street view - you can see anywhere in the world (and even Mars!)

Thats how I feel again. I consider myself pretty tech savvy, however I must have been under a rock for the last couple of years, because apparently this concept and stuff has been out for a while now, but this is the first time I am hearing about it. I'm talking about the concept of Personal Data Lockers and the Semantic Web.  Are you not sure what the heck that is?  Well rather then try to explain it to you, David Siegel does a very nice job in this little video.


Ok, so I know what you are now saying to yourself.  Sure, thats a pretty utopian prediction of what could be an Orwellian future. - So stay with me for just a moment. Toss in the vision of a company like IBM and you get the Semantic Web. Here are some of the possibilities.


This led me to a new term I have never heard of. Digital Exhaust. In essence all of the footprints left behind from your and my web searches, browsing activity, check in's, etc. Aggregated, this data has proven to be very powerful, and also predictive of our future needs. This makes a lot of sense to me - as humans are repetitive by nature, and as a result, their future needs can be predicted by their past behavior. As your high school Social Studies teacher often said - History repeats itself. Here is another take and "intro for Noobs" on the semantic web.


 So now your thinking - well, thats all good and fine - in ten years…

-  No. There is currently an open source project called The Locker Project.. Founded  by Jeremy Miller. There is a couple of pretty interesting articles on what he is trying to accomplish here and here.


Well - if you have made it this far, here are a couple of more interesting videos on the possibilities of this kind of data aggregation and use.

Back to David Siegel again - this time on the concept of pull.

 Well now that I've taken up an hour of your life… you may return to what ever it was you were doing - with your head spinning as to the possibilities. I know mine is.




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