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The Maker Bot Petting Zoo. 3D printing technology in the main stream.

Makerbot replicator

Back in March of 2011 I wrote a blog post about 3D printers and how I thought it would change the lives of our kids, kids.  I don't think my foreshadowing was too far off the mark. This last week, the creators of the MakerBot held Maker Faire, their expo for fans and enthusiasts. If you are unfamiliar, MakerBot is a company that makes the Replicator (right) an affordable, home version of the 3D printing technology that previously was only available to major manufacturers due to the cost. It appears that it has taken off. One of the very cool things they did for the fair was to create a 'petting zoo' with a band of misfit robots that were all created using the Replicator. All I can say is hey, - isn't Fathers Day right around the corner?

Check out these two very cool videos on the project.

Another interesting side note… I have had this blog for about 18 months now and during that time have written 65 posts. Based on my traffic flow statistics, even 14 months later, that original post still drives more traffic to my blog than anything else I have written. It must have gained some traction in Google search results on the topic. Yet another indicator that this technology will likely be ubiquitous when our kids have kids.

--- Bonus material

If you are interested in this stuff. Cory Doctorow wrote a great book (fiction) called Makers that utilizes 3D printing technology as a central character. Its with a read, and its free from his site.




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Sounds more like science fiction than fact. Would love to be able to make kids toys and whatnot all from home.

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