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What happens when you put a 3D printer in the hands of a pastry chef?

3d chocolate heart

Why a 3D Chocolate sculpture of corse!

Last year on my blog here, I profiled an emerging technology that is very interesting to me and although still in its infancy, will likely continue to evolve into some amazing things. 3D printers have been used for the last several years to make some amazing items and with the Makerbot home hobbyists can play with the technology for a minimal investment. Now a UK company Chocedge has designed a food based version of the technology that uses chocolate rather than resin to design 3D chocolate sculptures.

This is almost scarily parallel to the foreshadowing that Cory Doctorow did in his book Makers (also previously profiled here). In it he writes about a couple of kids who hack and combine commercially available products of the time, like Tickle Me Elmo's together with remote control servos in a mesh network to operate a vehicle. He also suggests that 3D printer technology can be used with food products rather than resins to create hot pockets, or burritos.

Soon we will all have one of these in our kitchens, right next to the microwave and will buy 'food cartridges' of ingredients like you buy different color printer ink now… The book is a great read and better yet is available free as an open source creative commons product from his web site here.

By next Easter, we should see these things pumping out bunnies and cream filled eggs.


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With this 3D printers, cookies and chocolates are now easy to make in a much cooler design. It's fun using 3D printers.

April 17, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpassivhaus

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