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Cool Free iPhone App-O-The Day: Pedometer Free


Recently I started working several medic shifts at the Colorado Convention Center. This mammoth of a building has more than half a million square feet of space on one level, and has three levels! After about two weeks of being here I started to wonder how much I was actually walking in a day. I found myself wishing I had one of those little plastic pedometers so that I could track if I was getting my requisite 10,000 steps a day or not. I suspected I was probably way over on shifts where I had to respond to the convention floor several times, like the recent statewide volleyball tournament.

Then I realized - hey I have an iPhone… I wonder what is out there.

Pedometer Free is a very cool app that not only tracks your steps, it then converts that to miles, calorie burn rate, and average speed. It seems to be relatively accurate based on my simple little test of counting my steps vs what it said. If you enter your height and weight the 'step' distance auto calculates for you making the mileage more accurate and best of all it tracks the whole thing on GPS so you can see a map of where you have been.

I was able to determine that one lap around the 'ol convention center was 981 steps or 0.534 miles.  I walk at 1.7 miles an hour and burned about 83 calories a lap. Pretty cool!

I believe the paid version (only $2.99) maintains a longer history, integrates Facebook or Twitter posting, and allows CSV data outputs to other physical activity tracking applications.

I'l let it run here for a few days and let you know what my average daily walk consists of… Should be interesting.


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