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My new journey begins - Sommelier school

Sommelier Courses and Wine Classes from the International Wine Guild Wine School

The International Wine Guild Wine School


I dont know if it is mid-life crisis talking or just a decision to pursue a passion - but starting next month I have enrolled into the International Wine Guild Sommelier program. I have decided to resign my position with MedExpress and get out of the world of corporate healthcare. After more than 20 years of the corporate grind it is time. Those who know me - know I did a short stint as a franchise owner, operating the Nestle Toll House Cafe at the Cherry Creek mall. I think that was probably my true mid life crisis. Now after 45 years I have decided it is more important to be happy in life - and enjoy my limited time on this amazing planet. 

Thankfully I have an amazingly supportive wife and family. My plan at this point is to go to school - work back in EMS pulling Paramedic shifts, enjoy some much needed time with my fam and of corse, blog about the entire experience.

Colorado and Denver specificlly have an amazingly strong wine culture. I am ready to explore it, and hopefully at some point in the future - work within and become a part of it.

Stay tuned - this should be interesting.

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