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Hi There - 

Well, its 2011 and I have decided as a new years resolution I am going to keep a blog. I didn't know much about my fathers thoughts, and only met his father, when I was very young (5). - I guess the purpose of this blog will be to write about whats going on in my life, and to leave my kids - and maybe their kids a snapshot about me. This blog will likely contain many ramblings about my life and those that are important to me. 

Who knows, maybe if I keep up on this thing and write something interesting, someday they will make a movie about it.  Heck, they make TV shows about anything now (and we watch them!)

about me....

I live in Centennial Colorado, am married and have two fabulous daughters. I have a new MacBook Air that my lovely wife surprised me with for Christmas (and is what I am using to compose this now) - I am a technology geek and have to have the latest cool thing. This results in my family getting lots of hand-me-downs and is likely why we currently have 4 iphones...

I have a pretty good life - 

My philosophy on life is this: I will likely never win the lottery - however, none of my kids will ever get hit by a bus either - and I am just fine with that.